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Understanding Male Virility

It has been established that as men advances in age, their level of virility decreases because the volume of semen reduces. Virility basically refers to the male characteristics that can be viewed positively. People associate virility with characteristics such as fathering of children, sturdiness, vigor, among others. It is a well known fact that the sperm count usually declines as the man continues to advance in age.

Men who have 50-80 years have upto 75% of this rate compared to those who have 20-50 years, who produce much more. Research has also proved that males who have 80 years and above have only 10% of their seminiferous tubules that have mature sperms. , there are increased health risks for children who are produced from old fathers; there are many factors that have been linked to less virility in men. For instance, obesity can cause damage to the sperms and prevent a healthy pregnancy to occur.

Infertility in men occurs when there is damage to the testicles eventually resulting in the testicles to be unable to produce sperms.

Men who have healthy lifestyles are the ones who can produce healthy sperms. In fact it’s estimated that around 15% of men who are infertile have normal semen. There are some major causes that may lead men to being infertile. They can be physical or psychological problems.

When the testicles are unable to produce sperms, they will not be able to regain the capabilities of making sperms and this form of infertility cannot be treated, its equivalent to menopause in the case of women. Apart from this disorder, another thing that can lead to infertility in men is low sperm count, Or rather poor quality of sperms that cannot lead to pregnancy. There are also some lifestyle habits that will also lead to infertility, and not taking the penis enhancement pills that may improve the virility in men. For instance, smoking has been cited as the main cause. This is because it reduces the sperm count as well as the motility of the sperm cells.

When one is exposed to drugs such as marijuana as well as other drugs, he is likely to suffer from infertility.

Alcohol is also another cause as it causes the shrinking of testicles. Those who have the tendency of going for intense workouts or ignoring the Vimax pills are also likely to suffer from this problem because it can lead to high production of adrenal steroids which usually lead to the deficiency in testosterone which leads to infertility.

Men who also put on tight underwear’s increase the temperatures and therefore leads to low sperm production. Stress and depression as well as hormonal imbalance can also lead to infertility, it’s healthy to have a lifestyle that wont put you at the risk of infertility complications.

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